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P Sand Price in Chennai

Plastering sand (P sand) is a type of sand that is used for wall plastering and bricklaying. Plastering with P Sand is simple and produces a finer result in terms of interior design. The 150 micron to 2.36 mm granular thickness is appropriate for block masonry and plastering.

The correct selection of P sand gives the construction structure its plastering strength. The best of P Sand Price in Chennai is provided by JRSBlueMetal and is made from firm granite stone that is cubically shaped with round edges, rinsed, and graded consistently. The difference is in the particle sizes. Plastering sand contains fine-grained particles, whereas produced sand contains coarser granules.


Plastering is the full form of P Sand. Crushed sand, often known as made fine aggregate, is a type of manufactured sand. It's a construction sand alternative to river sand. It is produced in a factory or query by crushing rocks, quarry stone, or bigger aggregate components into sand size particles. JRS BlueMetal P Sand price in Chennai is ideal for a variety of plastering applications and is applied in a variety of settings, including single-family homes, apartments, and other residential and commercial projects. This Plastering Sand guarantees your plastering a very smooth and even appearance. So we much thanks to its fine particles. It can also be used to patch defects in artistic paving when jointing the pavement.

Sand is also used in the construction of masonry, which is essential for new buildings, pathways, or anything else that requires mortar. Natural sand is included when available, however because to the heterogeneity of particle sizes, it may or may not be a great fit, or may not be as good as required to ensure the longevity of the mortar. Artificial sand is essentially created or constructed sand, which is formed by crushing rock with the necessary mineral composition and sorting the particles into the appropriate sizes for its intended application. JRSBlueMetal offers low-cost P sand Price in Chennai because it produces a more consistent product than natural sand, giving in more consistent results. Artificial sand supplies are limited only by the abilities of those who make it, therefore artificial sand is a superior option if natural sand is in short supply or technically unfeasible to obtain.

Why to select JRS BlueMetal P sand

JRSBlueMetal offers the best P sand price in Chennai so that everyone may enjoy the benefits of it. Any type of construction or building involves examination of sands and coarse materials. If it is not successfully accomplished and efficiently, there will be multiple consequences that will remain with the manufactured structure. Here are a few examples:

  • Compressive strength of footings, columns, roof beams, and in the roof would all be weakened
  • Such projects are not at all safe in the long term
  • Durability is also reduced
  • Possibility of plastering or even structural defects on walls after a year or two.
  • Ceiling plasters might fall down.

This is a well-known building material that is frequently practiced for concrete mixing and compressive strength enhancement. It also fits requirements linked to constructive plastering and flooring work. All of these benefits, as well as a variety of other advantages, can be directly achieved for the best

P Sand Price in Chennai

and water-washed P Sand. River sand and P Sand, but at the other hand, are said to have most of the same characteristics.